Please go to for an updated list. The following tracts of land in Georgia and Alabama are available for a hunting license from Timberlands II, LLC through Forest Resource Consultants. This list gives the state and county, the acreage, the rate and GPS coordinates for each tract. Included are a general map of all available tracts, county maps for the states of Georgia and Alabama and individual tract maps by state. Please print the tract and location maps for the tracts you are interested in visiting; all tracts are available for on-site inspection.

Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions:

  1. You do not need to purchase liability insurance; all members who sign the hunting agreement are covered by a blanket policy that is paid for through your license payment.

  2. The hunting licenses on each tract run from June 1 through May 31 or July 1 through June 30 depending on location; current license holders are given first option for renewal each year.

  3. Camping on-site is permitted; no permanent structures, wells or electrical power lines or poles are permitted.

  4. We will provide locks for gates; cables are not permitted.

  5. Harvesting timber is a part of our business; there are no reduced rates for tracts that have undergone harvesting.

If you find a tract that you are interested in, call Jonathan Kenney at the Lumpkin, GA office (229-515-8926) or for Appling, Clinch, or Emanuel Co., GA call Chris Faith at the Waycross, GA office (912-584-1614) to set up your hunting agreement.


  I.  Available Hunting License Areas

  1. Overview Map - Georgia and Alabama

  2. Please go to for a list of available tracts, acreages and prices.

 II.  Alabama Hunting Licenses

  1. County Location Maps

    1.  Barbour County, Alabama

    2.  Chambers County, Alabama

    3.  Henry County, Alabama

    4.  Tallapoosa County, Alabama


  2. Tract Maps - tracts in red are leased/unavailable.

  3. 11005C 11005D 11007B 11034 11035
    11143A 12013 12016B 12057B 11148A

III.  Georgia Hunting Licenses

  1. County Location Maps

    1. Clinch County, Georgia

    2. Marion County, Georgia

    3. Stewart County, Georgia



  2. Tract Maps - tracts in red are leased/unavailable.

  3. 22047 23041B 24101 21075A_B
    KN002 KN005 OG0194 RA009 Keel Creek